You Should Have Seen It In Color


Our friend, Brion McClanahan, on The Abbeville Institute blog has posted some photos by a Danish artist named Zuzah, and linked to his website and Facebook page. Zuzah has colorised many old photos, a lot of them from the War Between the States. The colorisation is respectful, and it’s hard to describe how it affected me seeing many of my heroes in color, as I might see them walk down a boulevard today, were they still with us. I found it profoundly moving.

Here is a sample to whet your appetite:

General Lee in Colour

I would encourage all compatriots to read The Abbeville Institute website regularly, and consider joining (minimum membership fee is $50 per year). This organisation, which includes among its leaders our friends Donald Livingston and Clyde N. Wilson, was formed “to critically explore what is true and valuable in the Southern tradition. ” You will find many friends here. Full disclosure: I am an associated scholar and member of this organization.

Deo Vindice,

Silence Dogood

1 thought on “You Should Have Seen It In Color

  1. scvpacnw

    Dang, this really makes a big difference! That looks like a picture you took today, not one from 140+ years ago. Thanks, for posting this!



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