Idea for a Confederate Cadet Program

  Compatriot George Cool of Paisley, OR, has been thinking of an idea to create a SCV Cadet Program, called Jr. Camps. I think this is a very good idea, one that we all need to work hard to get going. Our organization is mostly filled with members who are in their 60’s or older, and unfortunately, we are not doing so well with getting younger members to join. If we can get our Cadet members involved with something that they can enjoy on a monthly basis, I truly think that our organization will see a strong boost in membership.
  Compatriot Cool along with Division Chaplain Father John Sigmon, are currently working on getting a Camp started in Lakeview, Oregon. They have an organizational meeting set for August 16th, 2014 in Lakeview. One of their biggest goals is to get the young members more active and involved in our Heritage.
  The following is the proposed idea that Compatriot Cool has come up with. He has my full support with this idea.
    Erik Ernst (Commander)
    SCV Pacific NW Division
In today’s America the youth are facing hardships and a lack of belonging within
our society. In schools all across the country our Confederate heritage is dishonored and our children are lied to about the deeds and motivations of our Confederate ancestors.
In the SCV, it is of the utmost importance that the Charge be handed down from father to son. The true principles, ideals and history of the confederate soldier must be taught to the youth. This is essential for the continuing development of the SCV in which we devote ourselves. Therefore, I suggest the creation of a Confederate youth program for our Cadets. Remember, whoever influences the youth, influences the future!
Goals of the Confederate youth program will be to teach our Cadets Confederate history, self-confidence, ethics and leadership skills.


The Confederate youth program will be organized into Jr. camps under SCV adult leaders, and the general membership. Jr camps will be placed under already existing SCV camps. General membership of the Confederate youth will be comprised of SCV Cadets. The youth program will also be an important stepping stone to future membership of the SCV.
Jr camps should have monthly meetings at which Confederate history, outdoor activities and other programs will be taught by adult leaders. Divisional leaders should organize annual rallies and outdoor exercises in which several dozen Confederate youth Jr camps can participate. 

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