SCV Camp 458 Meeting, August 2nd at 11am!

  Finally, we are back to our usual location for the upcoming SCV Camp 458 meeting in August. This coming meeting, Lt. Commander Jay Willis and I will be talking about how things went at the 2014 SCV Reunion in Charleston, South Carolina. Along with this, we will be discussing very important Camp business and will be showing a documentary called “Warriors of Honor”, which is about the Life and Faith of General Lee and Jackson. This is a very moving and informative film.

  There is a possibility that we might have a guest speaker at the meeting (if he’s available), if he can make it, we’ll wait to watch the movie another time.

  Just a reminder, if you have not purchased your September 20th, Pacific NW Division Convention and Ball tickets yet, please do so soon!!! We are nearing the deadline for being able to purchase tickets. If you cannot make it to the Convention, we are accepting donations as well. This is a big event, and our Camp is needing a lot more tickets to be sold, so that we can cover our costs. Let me know if you can make it, or want to donate.

  The August 2nd Camp meeting, will be at our usual location, the Bomber Wings of Freedom Hall, in Milwaukie, Oregon. It starts at 11am! I look forward to seeing you there! For more info, visit


Thank You,

Erik Ernst


SCV Pacific NW Division

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