Jefferson Davis Park sign installed and new Flags are up!

We made big progress today, at Jefferson Davis Park! Historical preservationist Scott Geren graciously donated his time and skill, by welding out new sign in place at the park. Camp Lt. Commander Jay Willis, Camp Adjutant Karl Ernst and Division Commander Erik Ernst, all helped with the installation.

The Park now has two new Flags flying as well. On one Pole, a 6’x10′ 1st National and on the other, a 6’x10′ 3rd National. Our two flags of Liberty fly with honor over the two Jefferson Davis Park Markers. It is a wonderful tribute to President David.

We need volunteers to help maintain the Park on a regular basis. We will be doing fundraisers to raise money for Park projects. One of the fundraisers will be memorial Bricks. More to come soon.

Make sure to attend the Confederate Memorial Day Service at the Park on May 30th at 2pm.

IMG_20150516_121353_hdr IMG_20150516_123054_hdr IMG_20150516_125800_hdr

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