Jefferson Davis Park is under Media Attack!

For those of you who have visited Jefferson Davis Park before, you are probably like me and find it a pleasant and honorable tribute to President Davis. The purpose of the Park was and always will be, to share our heritage with the community and help preserve a significant piece of Washington history for future generations to enjoy.

Jefferson Davis Park is now home to both of the Jefferson Davis Highway 99 markers, which until about 15 years ago, greeted travelers at either end of the State. Hwy 99 was named the Jefferson Davis Highway in 1939, with a marker in Vancouver and one in Blaine. This was part of a Nationwide highway system named in honor of President Davis.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy raised funds to buy the land in 2007 and it is now owned and maintained by the Sons of Confederate Veterans Col. Isaac W. Smith Camp 458, of Portland, Oregon.

Over the last two days, the Park has received unjustified criticism and had hate filled lies about why it exists. The Sons of Confederate Veterans and Jefferson Davis Park, are both 501c3 non profit organizations. We are a non political, non racist, Confederate Veterans organization. Founded in 1896, we are the oldest historical, Confederate Veterans organization in the world.

Follow this link to see one for the stories being spread about the park.


2 thoughts on “Jefferson Davis Park is under Media Attack!

  1. Peter L Yates

    The park off I-5 is a tribute to the men who fought for their beliefs. They should be honored not ridiculed. The south did not need a draft to recruit soldiers, while the north needed conscription.


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