Willamette Week promotes hate and ignorance.

Compatriots and Friends,

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is being attacked worse than anything we’ve ever seen. The Pacific NW Division has not been spared any of this. The following article is quite possibly the most ignorant and disrespectful piece of writing I’ve ever seen.


Oh, Hey, There’s Still a Confederate Flag Flying Over a Park in Suburban Portland

Park named for loser traitor Jefferson Davis, who was unjustly spared from hanging by misguided moderates.

confederatesPortland-area Confederates

Finally, 150 years after the South lost its war against being forced to consider darker-pigmented humans as human, burning the Confederate flag has become a popular mode of protest. Twitter, Facebook and op-ed pages lit up late last week with photos of people burning the stars and bars, sparked by outrage over the fact that South Carolina would not lower its Confederate flag even after an evil hell-bound bastard motivated by the Confederate cause shot nine Christian African-Americans in their church. South Carolina, as students of American history will remember, is among the proven-inferior states that lost a war with the better states north of them. South Carolina hasn’t quite gotten over the fact that they’re shitbags who quit fighting a war they could never win, then begged the victors for mercy before full justice was served only to secretly continue their treason by reestablishing a system of institutional racism that continues to this very day. Now, some people have finally decided that it’s a good time to toast up this loser flag. (Full disclosure: I’ve been burning Confederate flags for a decade and I have a framed photo of the great martyr John Brown on my desk.)

Jefferson Davis Park in Ridgefield

But here’s something you probably don’t know unless you have been watching our news partners at KATU: There is still a confederate flag flying high in the Portland metro area. It’s at Jefferson Davis “Park,” a roadside memorial to the traitor who tried to escape justice by dressing as a woman and attempting to sneak out of his fallen racist empire that sits in Ridgefield, an exurban community north of the Portland suburb of Vancouver best known for its amphitheater.

The “park” is on private property, and was intended to pay tribute to the cowardly traitor loser Jefferson Davis, who formerly had a whole highway named for him.
The local group honoring dead, war-losing racists responded to the KATU story by posting several statements to their Facebook page including:

The reporter’s ignorance of history is laughable… An interesting fact is that the NAACP has been attacking us since 1991 and have made it their main goal to eradicate this country of all Confederate war memorials, flags, statues, and even removal of Confederate cemeteries. We will never give up on defending our heritage and the truth.

The war was not fought over Slavery, which has been proven to be true over and over again. It was all related to the tariff and State vs National power. The South simply wanted to be left alone, but the United States wouldn’t allow it to be free.

It has come to our attention that you are somehow trying to tie our organization and our park, to the tragedy in Charleston. The SCV does not condone acts of violence against anyone because of their race, religious beliefs or national origins. To imply in your report that we hold those beliefs because we fly the flags of the Confederacy is a great offense against our organization and our membership… We are strictly a Veteran heritage organization, who’s mission is to honor and defend the Confederate Soldiers good name, defend our heritage and present the true history of the South to future generations. We are deeply troubled and saddened by what happened in Charleston, South Carolina, and we offer our prayers and support for the families of the victims. This is yet another example of racial intolerance and hate by one twisted individual that sadly lead to such a horrific event. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is against all forms of racial intolerance. Jefferson Davis Park was established in 2007. The Park proudly displays both of the Jefferson Davis Highway 99 markers, which until 15 years ago, were located in Vancouver and Blaine, Washington. The Jefferson Davis Highway system stretched from east coast to west coast, and later headed north to the Canadian Border. Our Park is in honor of Jefferson Davis and his significant role in forming the system of protective coastal forts in the Pacific Northwest as US Secretary of War under President Franklin Pierce. We also honor him for his role as President of the Confederate States of America. We fly the National Flags of the Confederacy out of respect for President Davis and our Confederate ancestors.

Lest you believe any of that bullshit about honoring heritage generally, here’s video of the group talking about how the war was fought to avoid “tyranny” and “pride in your people.”
Oh, and their plans is to have Confederate license plates issued by the state of Oregon. Which the group’s leader says “should be easy.”

When you fight a war and lose, it is customary to take your racist flag down and shut your damned mouth.


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