Commanders Report


Over the past week, out Heritage has been attacked like no other time in history. Confederate Flags, Monuments and Parks are being defaced, removed, and destroyed.
States are removing Mississippi’s flag from Parks, Mississippi is considering changing its flag, South Carolina has taken down its flag flying over the Confederate Veterans memorial. Stores and online retailers, have stopped carrying anything with a Confederate Flag, even the Dukes of Hazzard’s 1969 Charger the General Lee, has had its Confederate Flag removed from its roof.
These are just a fraction of the mindless acts of censorship that have happened over the last week.
Besides all the censorship and erasing of history, we have been verbally attacked with threats of violence, called terrorists, traitors, racists and losers. All of these attacks and insults are completely untrue and based totally on lies. They have shown us their true colors and just how ignorant and hateful they are.
The tragedy that happened in Charleston a week ago, hurts our hearts to see. Such a terrible act of hatred and violence, is disgusting and devastating to all of us. We have all been praying for the families and friends of the victims, that they will find healing and hope and that things will get better. We all have hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.
The tragic events from last week have been sadly overshadowed by a totally unjustified attack on anything Confederate. Our proud symbols of American history and liberty are being stripped away and erased. Haven’t we learned anything from history? All totalitarian governments have attempted to erase its minority’s history. This country is following the same plan.
We are a Historical Confederate Veterans Heritage Organization. Our purpose is to honor and defend the Confederate Soldier’s good name, guard out history and present the true story of what happened to the South to future generations.
We will not go hide in the corner and wait for things to cool off, because if we do, we won’t have anything left to defend!
I’m asking all of our members to stand up for our heritage and take on out attackers!
Some of the things we need you to do are:
-Protest the retailers who are against our Flag, by not shopping there (call them).
-Call your representatives and demand they put a stop to this censorship.
-Contact other liberty organizations and get them on board with us.
-Report heritage violations to the Division and Local Camps.
-Monitor online for threats of violence or against us and report them to local law enforcement.
-Organize rallies in support of the Flag and our heritage
-Contact both conservative and liberal talk radio shows about interviews. The SCV will be sending topic bullet points to help with interviews. (Do not do an interview if you don’t know what to say).
-Get others to join with us in our fight, by joining the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Here’s an application to join
Relating to the real threats against us, we will be prosecuting (to the fullest extent), anyone who attacks or damages property of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Thank You,
Erik Ernst
SCV Pacific NW Division

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