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SCV Telegraph – Charleston Shooting Incident

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The unspeakable tragedy at Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church is being already being used by some in the “agititation/propaganda” business to further divide good hearted people of different heritages, especially in the Southern states.
We 30,000 members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans are heartbroken by this depraved and insane act of murder. Our deepest sympathies and our most heartfelt prayers are with the victims and loved
ones of this heinous act of a deluded racist.
We at the S.C.V. have long detested the use of our forefather’s symbols by racist groups and individuals. We consider it to be a cowardly desecration of our inheritance. Our ancestors fought for the South and of that we are not ashamed. In the 150 years since the War ended, the men and women of the South, of all colors, have contributed a higher percentage of military volunteers than any other region of our nation. This country would not exist were it not for Southerners like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. We are American patriots to the core.
The mindless murders at Emanuel AME Church were an act of purposeful evil. Those who try to make larger political hay out of this are misguided and forgetful of our common heritage. As a nation of many ethnicities we should all extend tolerance and understanding to every individual of every heritage. And that should include those of us of Confederate heritage.
We must not allow the sickness of one demented individual to become that with which the media and our opponents define us. We are the same good-hearted people that we were last week and last year.
May the Lord be with those who are suffering from the dreadful murders in Charleston. We stand with them to decry racism and to decry those who wish to divide us in the aftermath of this evil.
Ben Jones
Chief of Heritage Operations
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Jefferson Davis Park is under Media Attack!

For those of you who have visited Jefferson Davis Park before, you are probably like me and find it a pleasant and honorable tribute to President Davis. The purpose of the Park was and always will be, to share our heritage with the community and help preserve a significant piece of Washington history for future generations to enjoy.

Jefferson Davis Park is now home to both of the Jefferson Davis Highway 99 markers, which until about 15 years ago, greeted travelers at either end of the State. Hwy 99 was named the Jefferson Davis Highway in 1939, with a marker in Vancouver and one in Blaine. This was part of a Nationwide highway system named in honor of President Davis.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy raised funds to buy the land in 2007 and it is now owned and maintained by the Sons of Confederate Veterans Col. Isaac W. Smith Camp 458, of Portland, Oregon.

Over the last two days, the Park has received unjustified criticism and had hate filled lies about why it exists. The Sons of Confederate Veterans and Jefferson Davis Park, are both 501c3 non profit organizations. We are a non political, non racist, Confederate Veterans organization. Founded in 1896, we are the oldest historical, Confederate Veterans organization in the world.

Follow this link to see one for the stories being spread about the park.


Sons of Confederate Veterans
June 12, 2015

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 (ATLANTA – June 12, 2015)   This week, Georgia buried perhaps its last “real son” of a Confederate veteran.  Mr. H.V. Booth passed away in Elberton on Sunday from cancer at the end of a long life, being 96 years young.

H.V. Booth was the last known real son of a Confederate veteran in Georgia.  His father, Isham Johnson Booth, was 72 when H.V. was born, something not completely unheard of during the period of Reconstruction when so many Southern men had recently perished in the Cause for Southern Independence leaving a great void in the Southern population.  While there are thousands of men in Georgia and across the South who proudly wear the name “Sons of Confederate Veterans,” the number of literal sons of the war veterans, themselves, has dwindled down to fewer than half a dozen across the South according to the Sons of Confederate Veterans organization.

H.V. Booth was a war veteran, himself, having served in the U.S. Navy during World War II where he saw action in some of the fiercest fighting of the Pacific including the Battle of Iwo Jima.  A Confederate colour guard provided by the Georgia Division of the SCV participated in his funeral on Wednesday this week; it was one of his wishes because of his love for his heritage and birthright.

For more information about the Sons of Confederate Veterans or any of this year’s planned events to commemorate the Sesquicentennial of the War, contact the Georgia SCV at 404-456-3393 or online at

SCV Camp 458 new meeting schedule.

SCV Camp 458 will be having two meetings a month for the next two months. Here’s the upcoming schedule:

-June 18th (Thursday) @7pm.
    Location: Portland Seafood Company. 9722 SE Washington St., Portland, OR 97216 (Right off the Stark/Washington exit on I-205)
    We have a private room, under the name Erik.
    Dinner Special is $6.95 Cod Fish and Chips (Very tasty)
-July 11th (Saturday) @11am.
    Location: Bomber Wings of Freedom Hall. 13515 SE McLoughlin Blvd. Milwaukie, OR.
    We meet in the Museum and eat Lunch in the Restaurant afterwards.
-July 23rd (Thursday) @7pm.
    Location: Portland Seafood Company. 9722 SE Washington St., Portland, OR 97216 (Right off the Stark/Washington exit on I-205)
    We have a private room, under the name Erik.
    Dinner Special is $6.95 Cod Fish and Chips (Very tasty)
    The Portland Seafood Company has a very nice Happy Hour as well, but is only available in the lounge. We can relocate to the lounge afterwards if anyone is interested.
  We will try this new layout for the next couple months and see how attendance goes. We are currently working on guest speakers for these meetings. New member John Hooper will be sworn in at the June 18th meeting.
Thank You,
Erik Ernst
SCV Pacific NW Division