Rally at the Park another great success!

On August 2nd, the Pacific NW Division and SCV Camp 458 held a meeting and picnic at Jefferson Davis Park. Immediately afterwards, we had a big Flag Rally right in front of Interstate 5. We were greeted with probably close to a thousand people that honked and waived in support of us, with only a very small amount in opposition.

The Camp in Portland has seen quite a spike in membership over the last 2 months. Also, there will be a brand new Camp in Eugene Oregon very soon as well. Several of the participants in the Rally are new members of Camp 458. This is a great way to get new members involved right out of the gate.

We are winning this war against our heritage. The SCV is taking legal action against any group, organization or person, that tries to destroy our heritage. Stand with us and take your stand! Please visit http://www.scvheritagedefense.org and sign up today!

Flag Rally 2 Flag Rally! SCV meeting on August 2nd 2015 002 SCV meeting on August 2nd 2015 012

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