SCV Pacific NW Division Convention 2016

The Sons of Confederate Veterans Pacific NW Division held its 2016 Division Convention yesterday (10/15/16) at the VFW Memorial Hall in Eugene, OR. The Rev. Philip Mulkey Camp 2273 of Eugene, hosted this years Convention.

During our business session, we voted on 3 amendments to our Division Constitution and Bylaws. The first amendment changed the names of our regional 1st Lt. Commanders to Brigade Commanders. The second amendment gives the immediate past Commander a vote on the Division Board, but limits him to one vote, even if he holds another office on the Division Board. The third amendment, removing officers from the Board, to be voted on by the Board.

After we finished our amendments, we announced the votes for Division Commander and Lt. Commander. Our next Division Commander is John Sigmon and our next Lt. Commander is Garth McKinney. Garth McKinney was sworn is as Lt. Commander. He spoke about some of the goals he has for the Division. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond his control, Commander elect Sigmon was unable to attend the Convention. He will be sworn in by me at the next local Camp 458 meeting.

We had a catered BBQ Dinner, with was fantastic. Following our Dinner, we had several special presentations. Author and Friend of the SCV member Jim Elstad spoke about his experiences promoting the truth about the Confederacy. Afterwards, Division Genealogist Norm Ernst spoke about researching family history to locate Confederate Veterans. Then Camp 458 Commander Jay Willis spoke about Jefferson Davis Park and Davis’ role in establishing the Pacific NW. Next was a presentation by Camp 2273 Commander Chuck Ellis, about Rev. Philip Mulkey and the Long Tommers, their role as Oregon Confederates and the skirmishes they had with Union troops.

After all the presentations concluded, I had the opportunity to give my farewell speech. It has been an amazing 4 years since I came up with the idea to start this Division. It is a very good feeling knowing that I can hand over control of a properly functioning Division to our next Commander and Lt. Commander. I am very pleased that Commander elect Sigmon is planning on having me be his 1st Brigade Commander. I look forward to being able to focus specifically on Oregon and Washington, helping promote our organization, grow our Camps, start new Camps and make our Division the shining star for the entire Sons of Confederate Veterans organization.

We concluded our Convention with a Candlelight memorial honoring our Confederate Ancestors. After everyone shared the name of their Ancestor and his unit info, we finished the night with everyone singing “Dixie”.

I have full confidence in our new Commander and Lt. Commander. They have great leadership skills and we will only see things continuing in the right direction under their leadership.

Thank you for trusting me as your Division Commander these last 4 years.

Erik Ernst



2 thoughts on “SCV Pacific NW Division Convention 2016

  1. Verna Pederson

    My many greats grandfather Gen.Beauregard ordered the first shot fired in the Civil war at Fort Sumpter S. Carolina…why isn’t he mentioned ? Just curious….Verna Pederson

    1. scvpacnw Post author

      Hello Verna,

      That’s very neat that you are a direct descendant of General Beauregard. If you are interested in coming to a meeting, let me know. I can direct you to a local Camp in your area. As for why General Beauregard is not mentioned in the recap of out Sons of Confederate Veterans Pacific NW Division Convention, he was not one of the topics covered at our event. If you have any family stories about him, let us know.

      Thank You,
      Erik Ernst
      1st Brigade Commander
      SCV Pacific NW Division


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