North Carolina SCV Camp agrees to remove sign.

A local group that celebrates the South’s Confederate past will take down a prominent sign that had greeted those traveling into North Carolina on U.S. 321 for the past several years.
Sons of Confederate Veterans had placed the sign, which includes the Confederate flag, along U.S. 321 North believing that it was on private property, said Bill Starnes, commander of the Maj. Charles Q. Petty Camp, the Gastonia-based group that erected the sign.
However, the Department of Transportation looked at the location of the sign this week and determined that the sign was on public land and within the highway’s right of way.
Transportation officials talked with leaders in the Sons of Confederate Veterans group who agreed to take the sign down, said Jordan-Ashley Walker, a spokeswoman for the Department of
Transportation, on Friday.
Starnes said his group does not want to violate any state policies.
Both transportation officials and leaders of the Sons of Confederate Veterans group said the sign has not drawn any criticism that they could readily recall.

SCV Camp 458 BS Session (informal mid-month meeting), Wednesday Feb. 18th!

Greetings Compatriots and Friends,
  SCV Camp 458 is restarting its informal mid month BS Sessions. The BS Session (Brain Storming or BSing) is a time for members and friends to get together and visit, talk politics, come up with ideas for the Camp and much more. Its not an official meeting, so we don’t follow the bylaws for these.
  We’ll be meeting at Izzy’s Restaurant at Eastport Plaza in SE Portland at 7pm. Izzy’s address is 3846 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97266.
  Its a lot of fun, so don’t miss it! See ya Wednesday!
Erik Ernst
SCV Pacific NW Division

SCV Camp 458’s Lee and Jackson Day Dinner!

  On January 24th, SCV Camp 458 celebrated Lee and Jackson Day. It was very well attended and everyone seemed to have had a great time! I just wanted to say thank you to Jay Willis and my Dad (Norm Ernst) for doing two excellent presentations about Lee and Jackson!
  The Lee and Jackson Day Dinner will be the 1st of many Dinners and Social gatherings that Camp 458 will be holding in 2015. These gatherings are all part of Lt. Commander Jay Willis’ “Southern Hospitality Nights” plan. If you have any suggestions for potential events and dinners, please let us know.
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Thank You,
Erik Ernst
SCV Pacific NW Division

SCV Camp 458 Lee-Jackson Dinner, January 24th!

Greetings Compatriots and Friends,
  I am pleased to invite you to SCV Camp 458’s Lee-Jackson Dinner! We will be honoring two of the greatest Americans of all time, Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.
  Join with us on January 24th at La Carreta Mexican Restaurant located at 4534 SE McLoughlin Blvd (Corner of SE Holgate and McLoughlin), in Portland, Oregon. We have the upstairs banquet room available from 5pm to 8pm. Dinner starts at 5pm. Please RSVP with me if you can make it.
  See ya there!
Thank You,
Erik Ernst
SCV Pacific NW Division

Help Save the Museum of the Confederacy! Deadline December 23rd!


We have believed from the beginning that our effort would likely come to a conclusion by the end of the year, give or take a few days or weeks. The effort to prevent the completion of the merger of the Museum of the Confederacy and the Museum at Tredegar (as well as, to a lesser extent, the Virginia Historical Society) is now coming down to the wire. Our new deadline is 23 December.

If the MoC is to be saved, it is up to us, the SCV. We have asked the UDC (national organization) to join us, but they have declined. Although they have expressed some sympathy for our effort, they have rejected our appeal and elected to follow their own path, even though they know that path will not yield any results. In addition, we have asked the Military Order of the Stars and Bars for assistance. They, likewise, are sympathetic and, at this writing, appear to be leaning toward offering some financial support, but if they do, it probably will not arrive before the 23rd.

Therefore, I urge, indeed, I beg you to join the Virginia Division and the General Executive Council with pledges of significant monetary donations before 23 December.

I fear I have not adequately reminded everyone in general and you in particular, that this fight is not just for the benefit of the Virginia Division. When the Confederate Memorial Literary Society was founded, it was set up to be managed by a board of regents composed of two representatives from each Confederate state. If each Division could now make a donation allowing us to ask the Richmond Circuit Court, then the Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals to prevent the completion of the merger, we hope to return the management of the MOC to Confederate-friendly hands.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Edwin Ray at 804-517-6587 or JRAY250443@AOL.COM.

Follow this link to donate

Most sincerely,

Edwin Ray                                                                                                                    Charles Kelly Barrow
Chairman                                                                                                                    Commander-in-Chief
MoC Committee                                                                                         Sons of Confederate Veterans
Virginia Division, SCV