SCV Pacific NW Division Upcoming Events 2018

SCV Camp 458 Meeting, Saturday, February 24th at 10am. Vancouver meeting hall. Email if you are interested in coming.

Confederate Memorial Day: Sunday April 22nd. Location TBA.

Jefferson Davis Birthday Dinner: Sunday June 3rd. Battleground, WA.

SCV Pacific NW Division Convention. Saturday August 25th. Richland, WA.

2 thoughts on “SCV Pacific NW Division Upcoming Events 2018

  1. John Alexander Sigmon

    ATTENTION ALL COMPATRIOTS OF THE PNW DIVISION, SCV!!! Our annual reunion will be held on 25 August, 2018. For security reasons I am not publishing the location and other information on this site or our Facebook page. Instead, information about whereabouts, location, times, etc, has been sent to each of your Camp Commanders, with the request that they notify their members. I hope all of you can make it…Father John Sigmon, Commander, Pacific Northwest Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans.

  2. John Alexander Sigmon

    Attention members of this Division! Information regarding accommodations for our upcoming Division Reunion can be gotten from your Camp Commander. It is not posted online. Fr. John Sigmon, Cmdr, PNW Div. SCV


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