SCV Leadership Conference and Division Convention, to be held in Boise Idaho! 11/14/15

Fellow Compatriots and Friends,

SCV Camp 2244 of Boise, Idaho and the Pacific NW Division, will be hosting a SCV Leadership Conference, followed by a small Division Convention/Meeting. November 14th is the date, so make sure to keep you calendars open for this! These two events will be on the same day, and will take place in Boise, Idaho.

Leadership Conferences are put on by SCV headquarters. More than likely, we’ll have Commander in Chief Kelly Barrow and Lt. Commander in Chief Thomas Strain, put on the class. This will be a great time for everyone to meet the leadership of our great organization. We will have a few special guest speakers as well.

There will be much more information about this event posted over the coming week. If you have any questions, please contact Division Commander Ernst.

Thank You,

Commander Ernst

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