Southern Poverty Law Center is directing their hatered at the SCV.

The Southern Poverty Law Center aka SPLC, is taking their quest to eradicate all things Confederate to a whole new level. They are currently organizing rallies, workshops and legal battles against anything Confederate related. It is exceptionally obvious that they are directly attacking what we stand for as members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

They have come up with a comprehensive game plan to take on our members. This plan includes talking points and responses to our usual answers regarding Confederate history and heritage. What we need to do is educate ourselves and be ready to take them on. The following link will send you to the SPLC’s website, where they have a detailed game plan on how to take us on. SPLC Website. We all must read this information and ready ourselves for the upcoming battles we will face.

1 thought on “Southern Poverty Law Center is directing their hatered at the SCV.

  1. Rex Mahan

    Its important that we use this opportunity to show the hypocrisy of the anti confederate movement. NOT just state things like the war was over states rights. Which is a truth but it is not working. People need to hear that blacks were considered inferior by the whole world at the time of the war. Not a Southern thing. That Grant didn’t free his own slaves till 12/65. West Virginia was admitted as a slave state at the same time Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Blacks didn’t get to command their own troops until after WWII. Having said all that, how can we all look back and say lets not repeat a time like that and understand that bad things can happen and attacking us will not help feed one black child or save one black person from drugs. People need to fight for what matters and devoting time to taking down harmless statues wastes money and resources. But it does make some money for agitators.


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