Dues are Due!


Its that time of year again. Time to pay your yearly SCV Dues. Dues help your Camp, Division and National Organization pay for recruiting supplies, legal fees, conventions, printing, projects, etc. Without Dues, we would not be able to exist.

You will need to contact your Camp Adjutant about your local Camp Dues.


  1. SCV National Dues $30 (add $5 if you are delinquent or are a new recruit).

Mail a Check/Money Order to:

Sons of Confederate Veterans (or SCV)

P.O. Box 59

Columbia, TN. 38402



  1. SCV Pacific NW Division $5

Mail a Check/Money Order to:

SCV Pacific NW Division

PO Box 222

Condon, OR. 97823-0222


The Sons of Confederate Veterans headquarters is currently working on a online Dues paying website, where we will be able to pay Camp, Division and National all at the same time. This will make collection Dues much less confusing. I am certain that we have lost members because of the archaic way we have to collect Dues.




2 thoughts on “Dues are Due!

    1. scvpacnw Post author

      Mr. Johnson,

      Why do you think its okay to say such a horrible thing like that to us? We are a non profit 501c3 Historic Veterans Organization. Whatever you think we are, you are wrong. Please take some time to learn about what we do and stand for, before you say such an terrible thing like this.

      Take care,
      Commander Ernst


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